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One of a kind
Our Hemp derived product will provide you with a functional, uplifting high unlike any other.
PHD Chemist Derived
Our extracts are made using proven scientific methods by PhD chemists with over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
Lab Tested
All of our products contain detailed lab test results, down to the extract level.
Made in America
We manufacture all of our products in the USA, and source all of our hemp from local suppliers.

Customer Reviews

Great products, very satisfied. Definitely will purchase again!

- Carola Vähälä

Very satisfied with the quality of the product! They were very supportive!

- Anton Gjergji

Great service! Very happy with their support, Thank you!

- Annelise Klausen

Great product. Packaged well and an enjoyable smoke. Shipping was fast also.

- Joseph Turner

Just wanted to say thank you for taking care of my lost package! Got right on it! Thanks, Mary

- Mary Lassiter

Fairly good, not as potent as the THC-0 ones, but still a good smoke. Would definitely enjoy something larger than a 2 pack.

- Michael Greenfield


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