Curevana THC-P Pre-rolls (5 Pack)

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Curevana THC-P Pre-Rolls (2 Pack)

CUREVANA hemp derived THC-P prerolls are the perfect way to experience a premium smoking experience. Each pouch contains 5 hand-crafted prerolls, each weighing 2 grams, with 750 mg of total cannabinoids in each joint and a total of 3750 mg of total cannabinoids per pouch. These prerolls are available in 8 strains to cater to every smoker's taste preferences.

The CLASSIC SWEETS, BLUE STRAWBERRY, and GREEN SWEETS are all sativa strains that provide an energetic high and enhance creativity, making them perfect for daytime use. The BAMBAM OG, JUNGLE CAKE, and WHITE GRAPE strains are indica-dominant, providing a more relaxing and calming high, perfect for winding down after a long day. The PURPLE KUSH and BANANA OG strains are hybrid strains, combining the best of both worlds to provide a balanced high that is perfect for any time of day.

CUREVANA hemp derived THC-P prerolls are hand-crafted by experts to ensure a consistent and high-quality smoking experience. They are made using only the highest quality hemp-derived THC-P flower, which is carefully selected and tested to ensure purity and potency. This makes them a safe and reliable option for anyone looking for a premium smoking experience.

Each joint is carefully rolled to ensure an even burn, smooth draw, and optimal flavor. The flavor of the hemp-derived THC-P flower is enhanced by the use of natural terpenes, providing a unique and enjoyable smoking experience. The aroma of the prerolls is also pleasant, with each strain having its own distinctive aroma that adds to the overall experience.

CUREVANA hemp derived THC-P prerolls are easy to use, making them perfect for both experienced and novice smokers. Simply light the end and inhale to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp-derived THC-P flower. The high potency of the THC-P in each joint ensures that users will feel the effects quickly and effectively, allowing for a satisfying smoking experience every time.

Overall, CUREVANA hemp derived THC-P prerolls are a premium smoking product that delivers a high-quality and consistent smoking experience. Whether you're looking for a sativa, indica, or hybrid strain, these prerolls have you covered. With their high potency and carefully crafted design, they are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and enjoyable smoking experience.

  • 5 Pre-Roll Per Pouch
  • 750MG Per Roll


Availlable Strains:-